Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Where have I been?

Hi remember me, Shay!! I used to blog here and somehow lost my way. I wish I could give you a really juicy story as to where I have been but, sorry I don't.

My husband and I have added a new addition to the family

Nala is a 13 week old Peekapoo (Pekingese and Poodle mix) and boy oh boy is she a hand full. She definitely gives me a run for my money. Nala was not the only thing keeping me away from blogging.

Zowie my 8 year Maltepoo (Maltese and Poodle mix) had dental surgery which unfortunately lead to some complications so she lays next to me on a pillow while I squeeze some time in to stitch.

I did have time to stitch I decided to start a new section of a WIP

Not bad uh? I am not the biggest fan of hoops so I love working on my stand I find that I am more comfortable and feel more in control of my project.

My dad purchased this for me years ago at the Big E (Eastern Expo in Springfield, MA).

Here is a TUSAL update. Better late than never

Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Progress

This weekend was a "warm" day in Connecticut so the hubby and I took advantage and did some work outside. There is now officially no signs of Christmas in my household. The lights outside are now packed away and ready for next year. I cleaned windows since I had not done so when we first moved in. I have to say I was very productive on Saturday there was very little time to work on Tinker Bell.

Sunday was a day of laundry and stitchin'. Tinker Bell is almost done, my house is spotless and I am caught up on laundry.

I even made time to go to a Purse Dem! I love purses so it was the perfect ending to a relaxing evening.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Cheer Bear Done!

Yeah!! First project of 2010 is now complete. Okay so maybe I started when I found out my sister in law was pregnant last February but I was in the mist of DIYing everything for my wedding and house hunting. So I didn't get as far as I wanted too. But here we are and Cheer Bear is complete.

So even though Christmas has past I am thinking of making an ornament for my niece. Any other suggestions?

Since I am back in cross stitching I decided to do a little networking and what better way than to participate in a Sal. I have never heard of a Sal before but hey it doesn't hurt to try. Here is a photo of my collection thus far.

Every New Moon you just post a photo on your blog of your "scrapes" or whatever happens to find its way in there. I am using a Salsa container. I figure I start on the smaller side. I have a few ideas of what my final piece will look like. If your interested in signing up check out Yoyo's Blog.

On to my next oldie but goodie project. I started who knows when a bookmark of Tinkerbell. and didn't make it that far. To be honest I stopped cross stitch when I became engaged in 2007. Now that that's over with I can finish so much that I had started and hopefully a few more items.

Hope everyone had a great week!


Check out Julie's Blog for a great giveaway. There are 4 magazines and a little something something from Julie that will go out to 4 lucky winners.

Giveaway ends January 31st, 2010.

My spare bedroom has a few items that belonged to my aunt who passed away of Cancer a few years ago. I have without realizing put all of her pink floral items in this room on display along with other items that she gave me while growing up. So I spent last night looking through my magazines and Xstitchin' books for inspiration on something for the room. Still not sure?

Any opinions?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here I Go

I've always loved all things that are crafty and my heart is in cross-stitching. I can't say when I really started but I love it and its soothing for me. Leave me on the couch with a new project and I am content!

So after getting married and buying a house I had to leave my old blog of all things wedding and begin a new blog.

I have seen such amazing work of other bloggers such as Rebekah and Barbara

I hope that I can perfect my cross stitching by networking with the blog.
One of my goals this year is to finish Janlynn "Four Seasons Chairs" I have completed Summer and Autumn but that was before my wedding.
Currently I am working on "Cheer Bear with Tree Lights" for my niece.